Virtual DJ

VirtualDJ is a software used by DJs to replace their turntables and CD players.


Virtual DJ has come a long way, from a simple mixing tool to the awesome giant that it is now. It's a tool that can be used both by professionals and determined amateurs alike, but be warned: it's not your casual audio editor, this is the real deal.

The interface may scare some people initially, with all its toolbars, indicators and windows.

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It takes a little bit of time to learn how to use all the numerous options Virtual DJ offers. But when you do, it's time to rock! The program lets you select two tracks and play them at the same time, applying effects, slowing down and speeding up the playback, apply effects such as loops of particular parts, cross-fades, flanger, echo, beatgrid, slicer, etc. You can even do the DJ scratch if you want.

Working with files is easy enough, since Virtual DJ lets you arrange and group tracks into categories and groups to create collections and sets. There's even a search system for missing or required files online.

Newer version of the program is also good at working with video files and using it for karaoke. Virtual DJ is compatible with professional DJ hardware as well, making it perfect for both personal use and playing in front of crowds. It's a complex, yet effective tool that lets you do pretty much anything a DJ can do, and the only thing required is a bit of practice.


  • Great DJ toolset
  • Useful additional features


  • Requires practice
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junaid 11 months ago


coolvibe 11 months ago

Virtual DJ 8 is good program, and can crossfade videos, but uses a lot of RAM, but as with many others online, even with lots of RAM, it also has many problems stutters and freezes on high HD videos. ( I am using on brand new win 10 pc with 16gb of RAM)Main thing do not like about Virtual DJ, is that it's developers force their huge distracting ugly logo on your video screen which makes all your videos look terrible, unless you pay a huge 300.00 price for pro, or an overpriced monthly fee just to remove. VDJ Developers should really make the fee a a lot more reasonable for home users, (If not a commercial DJ) would not mind paying a few dollars, to have their huge distracting ugly logo forced on all my videos playing, which kills the viewing experience, so I am trying to find a better or simliar video program that can crossfade my video playlists, and have some of the other video/audio effects, and fortunately, there are a few other Free video programs catching up to Virtual DJ, so soon, will not have to deal with their way overpriced huge distracting ugly logo forced on all my videos playing.I also purchased their overpriced Virtual DJ 8 android remote app, but has apparently not been updated since 2015, and does not work well, still cannot get android app to connect to any Windows pcs running virtual DJ 8. So it is obviusly not being supported that well any more, but still charge an overprice 10.00 fee for an app that is not working correctly, or being updated? Again VDJ is a good program with great potential, and their customer services, appears to be pretty good too, but again virtual dj products are just too overpriced for home users, again, to have their huge distracting ugly logo forced on all my videos playing, which kills the viewing experience. (Rated 2.9 out of 5 Stars)

luis martinez Last year

It's a very nice app, I used it at friends house because we made a YouTube video and now we are famous, thank you so much for making this app.

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